The Lonesome Billies Launch ‘It’s Good To Be Lonesome’ Kickstarter Campaign
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Howdy Hellraisers!

It’s no mystery that we Billies make music for the greater good of the wayward and lonesome soul. Hell, it’s good to be lonesome! We feel so strongly about this sentiment that we wrote an album about it appropriately titled- ‘It’s Good To Be Lonesome’. Now, being the stubborn bunch of mules we are, we Billies decided the only way to stay true to our sound was to do it all ourselves. That ain’t easy, and the cost of such an endeavor can get on you quicker than a rattle snake in tall grass.

So here we are, hat in hand, asking for donations. This also ain’t easy. But the world turns and we wish to spread the sweet honky tonk gospel and now’s the time to pass the collection plate via Kickstarter. Being from humble homes, we know that sometimes all the money you got is enough for a tall can and a taco and we aren’t about to take that from anyone. No sir. So we got things for all size wallets. Yep, this is one collection plate that gives back! The Billies would never leave you high and dry. That just wouldn’t be right.

Along side limited edition MADE IN THE USA hats, t-shirts and more, this is your chance to get a digital, CD or Vinyl copy of the full length album before it releases! Be the first to hear the whole damn thing. Hell, donate enough and the Billies will dress in drag and play a show as the Queens Of Country. That’s right, we’ll tuck and pluck to bring you your country classics! And if you’re at all curious as to where this money goes? Well, all the money goes to settling up the cost of the album and getting our wheels rolling on the road. Like the wise man Willie Nelson said so eloquently “… the life I love is making music with my friends, and I can’t wait to get on the road again.” Thanks for all of your support past, present and future! We sure do appreciate it!

Below is a look at some of our merch that is available when you donate!

Billies Merch Shrine

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