The Lonesome Billies Album Fundraiser With Special Guests: Roselit Bone and An American Forest / June 19th, 2015
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Howdy, Hellraisers!

As most of you may already know, we Billies have been working real hard on our first full length album titled ‘It’s Good To Be Lonesome’. 12 original songs that expand our dark and dusty universe and we can’t wait for y’all to hear the finished product… Which leads us to this here point in time.

Now, seeing as we don’t have a label backing us (nor do we want one messing around with our affairs), we are left with the task of paying for it all and this resurgence in vinyl hasn’t made it any cheaper. Not that we are complaining, our music was made for it. When the pin drops, you’ll know the sound.

The fact is, we could use your help! June 19th we will be on stage at Kelly’s Olympian with Roselit Bone and An American Forest raising money that’ll help us see this album through. That being said, we don’t like the idea of raising money for ourselves, hell we’d rather raise it for a good cause like we do at our annual Family Tradition Potluck and Musical Extravaganza, that much is for certain. But a band’s gotta do what a band’s gotta do.

With only 100 available tickets, this will be an intimate event and everyone in attendance will leave with a keepsake! Y’all aren’t just gonna give us money without the Billies giving you something in return. That wouldn’t be right now, would it?

The purchase of a $15 Ticket will get you a limited edition poster and a digital download of an unreleased track from the upcoming album.

The purchase of a $25 Ticket will get you a limited edition poster, digital download of an unreleased track from the upcoming album and a copy of our 7” EP ‘The Day I Lost My Life.’

Also available for purchase will be limited edition T-Shirts and hats. AVAILABLE FOR THIS SHOW ONLY! Oh, and we will be raffling off THREE TEST PRESSINGS of the upcoming album! So don’t let the snake crawl into your boots, put yer boots on and come join us for a damn good time. Let’s face it, Billies, we’d rather play music and party with you than sit on our duffs all damn day. HYEAAAAAAAH!

Tickets available here!

the lonesome billies album fundraiser

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